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Pro Assist UK

Restoration of an old house to its former glory

About Pro Assist - OUR ETHOS

 Our success is built on our ability to work as a complete team and be inclusive of people of all walks of life, ensuring we deliver fantastic results for our customers.  

In 2011 the business was born out of the belief that property insurance claims should be an opportunity to delight customers. Gurj along with her partner James have gone onto to develop Pro-Assist into a building contractor that is at the forefront of companies in its industry.

Today the company now employs over 20 people supported by a structured network of contractors, working across multiple sectors we still have the same ethos – ‘delighting the customer’. This is only achievable by having an engaged team that share and live our company values, which is why we invest in staff development and support more than any other part of our business.

Pro Assist Building Contractors