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Restoration of an old house to its former glory

Vehicle Impact Causes Structural Damage

Our client was unfortunate to suffer vehicle impact damage to their property caused by a stolen car being pursued by the police. The car impacted the side of the property as they tried to evade capture down a narrow alley way. This resulted in the corner of the client’s property being taken out along with the gas main and their fencing surrounding the rear garden.


The vehicle  impacted the side of the property causing serious structural damage and damage to boundary wall and fencing. The gas main was located in the corner where the vehicle impacted and caused a gas leak.

Safety First

Initially the roof structure was secured with Acrow Props and the contents were removed. We were then able to remove all the damaged block work.

Repairing and Securing

Once the gas main had been isolated we were able to make the area safe. Initially the roof structure was secured with Acrow Props, the contents were removed, we were then able to remove the all damaged block work.

Boundaries & Finishing Touches

Day 2: the damaged fencing was replaced with new feather edge boards. The side gate was then replaced, ensuring the whole of the property was secure.

The boundary wall was then rebuilt, followed by rendering of the newly built block work ready to take the top coat finish.

Finally the finish shingle coat was applied to the render to match the rest of the property.

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